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R.I.P., Barney: How ‘Barney Cam’ made George W. Bush’s dog a Web star

This is an article I wrote for the Los Angeles Times published on February 6, 2013 “Mr. Orr, this is the White House operator.” As a White House spokesman, I received phone calls like this all the time. But this was the first time the president’s secretary had ordered me to report to the Oval Office immediately. […]

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HuffPost Live is a winner

Some people you watch more closely than others.  If they do something, based on their track record, you really pay attention.  They know something.  They’ve demonstrated an expertise.  They know something. We all know that video is booming in the digital space.  That ain’t new.  The BBC Olympic numbers only validate the boom.  Wow. But […]

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Promise of video was always there; now tech makes it rock

  It’s really no surprise that video is exploding in the digital space.  You give people quality content and they’ll engage. We’re seeing that at the Los Angeles Times.  Many of our live video discussions are highly-watched.  Google Hangouts gives us the ability to talk about the issues with reporters and the newsmakers quickly.  And […]

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Early days of interactivity at the White House (we had fun)

When I was at the White House I had frequent conversations with Dan Froomkin, who ran the very popular White House Briefing column at the Washington Post. We discussed the e-communications policy at the White House and what we were doing on the website.  Remember this was really before the days of social media.  No […]

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Google Hangouts are great

Google undersells Google Hangouts.  They really do.  Here’s how they describe themselves: Hangouts let you video chat with up to 9 people, face-to-face-to-face. You can watch YouTube videos, wear pirate hats, or even doodle together. What do they really let you do?  Connect.  Engage.  Experience. Decade of interactivity I’ve seen it before but this is […]

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You gotta interact with people

Home back to Wyoming for a few days and going through a ton of old boxes. Came across an old Washington Post article I was featured in back in December, 2004.  I was leaving the White House after a full-term and Dan Froomkin — who wrote that fantastic White House Briefing column — asked me […]

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Happy Independence Day (and no, it’s not a slow day online)

It’s the Fourth of July.  And the old refrain echoes across the Internet:  ”It’s a slow day.” Actually, it’s not.  There’s no such thing as a slow day.  True, many people will be barbecuing and hanging out at the beach or whatever.  But there are still millions upon millions of people going online.  Millions. The […]

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