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Video Interactivity: From ‘Ask Arnold’ Schwarzenegger to Today

I’m always stressing the importance of ‘live.’  Make sure your audience knows you’re there.  It’s important.  No one will communicate with a robot (well, maybe John Malkovich). People have to know you’re there.  Whether it be on your site (live blogging, live video, live chats) or off your site (with tools like Twitter and Facebook), […]

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Video has always been hot (even when no one was around to watch)

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it happen?  I proved that answer is “NO.” Everyone is talking about video.  It’s the hottest thing going.  But this isn’t new. The public has always enjoyed video online.  The desire has always been there.  What’s changed is the […]

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