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A reader-focused redesign: 10 good questions with the LA Times’ Jimmy Orr

[This article appeared on the American Press Institute site on May 9, 2014] The Los Angeles Times just redesigned their site with a focus on mobile and a goal of increasing reader engagement through pre-written tweets or “sharelines,” infinite scrolling, and a handful of other design specs. We talked with Jimmy Orr, managing editor of digital, […]

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By the Numbers: 2013 a year of solid growth for latimes.com

A note to the staff from Jimmy Orr, managing editor/digital January 31, 2014, 8:00 a.m. This is our annual look at the last year through the lens of metrics that we call “By the Numbers.” It’s intended to serve as a complementary note to Davan’s review of the year’s great journalism. Happily, they overlap. And the […]

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October digital note

To: The Staff From: Jimmy Orr, Managing Editor, Digital Starting this month, we are renewing our efforts to highlight digital achievements throughout the newsroom. Why are we doing this?  It’s important to show what’s connecting with our readers, where the readership is coming from, and to provide another way for departments to learn from one […]

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February, 2013 biggest traffic month ever for Los Angeles Times

Here’s the memo I wrote discussing our record traffic month in February: Breaking news, Oscars drive record traffic to latimes.com What a month. Great journalism and smart strategies for digital coverage continued in February, resulting in the biggest audience to latimes.com in the history of the site. We also recorded a 125% increase in video […]

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HuffPost Live is a winner

Some people you watch more closely than others.  If they do something, based on their track record, you really pay attention.  They know something.  They’ve demonstrated an expertise.  They know something. We all know that video is booming in the digital space.  That ain’t new.  The BBC Olympic numbers only validate the boom.  Wow. But […]

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Google Hangouts: Reader engagement through live video chats

We’re doing more and more Google Hangouts at latimes.com.  Love it.  Smart.  A big differentiator. We’re building a place to have smart conversations.  A place where readers can go to not only better understand an issue but to interact with the reporters and the newsmakers. It’s also good because it shows our home page is […]

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Shared responsibility is no responsibility

Sometimes there are articles that just nail it.  “Why Less is More in Teams” from the Harvard Business Review does exactly this. People get tired of me saying “Shared responsibility is no responsibility.”  I say it a lot.  I advocate for personal ownership whenever possible.  I do this because wherever I’ve worked I’ve seen the […]

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Google Hangouts are great

Google undersells Google Hangouts.  They really do.  Here’s how they describe themselves: Hangouts let you video chat with up to 9 people, face-to-face-to-face. You can watch YouTube videos, wear pirate hats, or even doodle together. What do they really let you do?  Connect.  Engage.  Experience. Decade of interactivity I’ve seen it before but this is […]

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Paywall strategy: More frequency = more readers = more subscribers

Wanna get more subscribers?  Give readers a reason to subscribe… Not surprised at all to read the Poynter article earlier this week regarding the correlation between the amount of articles published on newspaper websites and the number of subscriptions. The study, conducted by Press+, found that the more stories you wrote, the more subscribers signed-up.  Well, […]

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Gas prices and Internet traffic — it’s all about how to measure

First time in forever I’ve seen gas prices (all three tiers) under $4.00. When people get into discussions of gas prices, someone inevitably brings up the price of gas in Europe and how our gas is “cheap.” Actually, it’s because they tax the hell out of it.  Further, its not about what our gas prices […]

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