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Shared responsibility is no responsibility

Sometimes there are articles that just nail it.  “Why Less is More in Teams” from the Harvard Business Review does exactly this. People get tired of me saying “Shared responsibility is no responsibility.”  I say it a lot.  I advocate for personal ownership whenever possible.  I do this because wherever I’ve worked I’ve seen the […]

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How a bad URL can derail your whole message

I love grammar fights.  And I tend to be on the side of the grammar absolutists even though my prose needs a lot of work.  I need to be edited.  I’m constantly learning.  I write in a blocky, conversational style with plenty of colloquialisms that can easily be criticized. If you are an absolutist, you’re […]

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Don’t just do something to do something. Wait, then pounce.

Love an article today in the Harvard Business Review on mobile strategy.  Smart for a variety of reasons but what resonated with me was a point the author was making about doing something — just to do something. When something is new, people freak.  They think they gotta get in the game.  Even when it […]

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