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Shared responsibility is no responsibility

Sometimes there are articles that just nail it.  “Why Less is More in Teams” from the Harvard Business Review does exactly this. People get tired of me saying “Shared responsibility is no responsibility.”  I say it a lot.  I advocate for personal ownership whenever possible.  I do this because wherever I’ve worked I’ve seen the […]

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Paywall strategy: More frequency = more readers = more subscribers

Wanna get more subscribers?  Give readers a reason to subscribe… Not surprised at all to read the Poynter article earlier this week regarding the correlation between the amount of articles published on newspaper websites and the number of subscriptions. The study, conducted by Press+, found that the more stories you wrote, the more subscribers signed-up.  Well, […]

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Gas prices and Internet traffic — it’s all about how to measure

First time in forever I’ve seen gas prices (all three tiers) under $4.00. When people get into discussions of gas prices, someone inevitably brings up the price of gas in Europe and how our gas is “cheap.” Actually, it’s because they tax the hell out of it.  Further, its not about what our gas prices […]

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SEO is alive and well (and a tool you should use)

SEO ain’t dead.  People have been prematurely predicting its death for some time. But it ain’t dying. Mashable published a fun infographic on the SEO industry yesterday which shows the incredible interest in the industry itself.   According to their data, 9.1 million Internet users search for SEO information every month.  Break that down at […]

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