Don’t just do something to do something. Wait, then pounce.

Love an article today in the Harvard Business Review on mobile strategy.  Smart for a variety of reasons but what resonated with me was a point the author was making about doing something — just to do something.

When something is new, people freak.  They think they gotta get in the game.  Even when it doesn’t make sense.  They run around frantically like the little humanoid in the old Robotron video game.

The Internet is filled with the graveyard of ideas that died because they weren’t thought through.

Know what you’re trying to achieve before implementing.  Or as it pertains to mobile, HBR advises:

Don’t put mobile tactics in front of strategy. In the early days of the web, every site seemed to have an animated GIF or a clunky site-counter. In the early days of social, companies spent millions on costly Facebook apps with cute gimmicks but no real utility or sharing value. Today, companies are scrambling to come up with something “mobile” whether or not it makes sense for their long-term business goals, and whether or not users will actually want it.

I get throwing stuff on the wall to see if it will stick.  I do it too.  But there’s gotta be some strategy behind it.


If we start a new initiative in the newsroom there will be tangible reasons we’re doing it.  Tangible.  Can’t be just “let’s see if it works.”  And if that means we’re not the first, that’s fine.  Let someone else make the mistakes.  We’ll implement when it’s ready for prime time.

But the key then if we see it works, we have to move fast.  Then we jump on it.  Quickly. Quickly.

The key for me is to find something that works and then use it better than anyone else.  Pinpoint your strength.  Pinpoint how you will use it differently.  And then unload.

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