Bad Technology? You’re sunk.

VOX CEO Jim Bankoff talks to Digiday reporter Josh Sternberg about the importance of solid technology.

Just a solid interview that Josh Sternberg had with Vox Media honcho Jim Bankoff today at Digiday.

The two were talking about the importance of a strong foundation, IE:  good technology, powering a media organization.  Without it, you’re handicapped.  You can’t compete.

“I worked at a lot of organizations that had crummy technology and the biggest problem was we were unable to tell the stories we wanted to,” Bankoff said.

It doesn’t stop there.  You can’t serve your advertisers either, he said.

That’s two strikes.  No audience and no advertising.  You don’t get a chance at another pitch.  You’re done.

“Audiences and advertisers demand it [latest technology] with their media product,” Bankoff said.

I’m like Bankoff.  I’ve worked at a lot of places where the technology was flat-out bad.  And that means you can’t operate.  So we either had to build it ourselves or make the tough decision to bite the bullet and finance an overhaul.

Problem is, many people don’t know they’re using bad technology or that productivity soars with better tech.  It does.  Make it easy for your people to tell a story — and they will.  Make it easy for people to be creative — and they will.

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